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Product name SPC Wall Panel
Brand Name  UTOP
Material PVC/ calcium carbonate /Stabilizer /other chemical additives
Thickness 7mm/8mm/9mm/11mm or customized
Width 200mm/300mm/400mm/500mm/600mm
Length Regular 3m or as your requirement
Technology Hot Stamping And UV-Coating
Installation Glue On Wall
Structure SPC Base Material+Designs Layer+UV Coated +PE Protect Film
Designs Pure/ Marble/ Wood/ Metal/ 3D Etc.
Feature High Gloss/ Flexible/ Waterproof/ Fireproof

Spc wall panel is a new type of integrated wallboard, which adopts bamboo and wood fiber, polymer waterproof and fireproof material, and the spar powder is pressed at high temperature. It has heat preservation, sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture proof, fireproof, easy installation, easy shape and high anti-scratch. Integrated wall decoration materials with high environmental protection, 3D art fashion and many other elements.

Features of Colorful decoration spc wall panel


Fire prevention

The fireproof rating reaches the B1 level by the authoritative department, which basically meets the fire protection requirements of the project.

Noise reduction

The detection of the integrated wall panel is 29 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound insulation of most of the solid walls.

Thermal insulation

the use of integrated wall panels will make the room warm in winter and cool in summer, which can adjust the air humidity of the room.

Waterproof and moisture proof

good moisture resistance, wet area can also completely resist.

Convenient installation

In the design, the traditional buckle plate installation method can be directly assembled, and the rough house can be assembled directly. One step is in place, the installation is no longer cumbersome, so that you are not bothered by the decoration cycle is too long.

Packages of Colorful decoration spc wall panel

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