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Product name Spc wall panel
Material Stone powder and PVC composition
Thickness 7mm/8mm/9mm/11mm or customized
Width 200mm/300mm/400mm/500mm/600mm
Length Regular 3m or as your requirement
Color Design Solid color, wood-grain design, leather grain design, marbling design and woven design or customized design
Panel Finishing Laminated /Transfer printing /Hot stamping /High glossy printing
Application Interior decoration for commercial and residential places

Features of spc wall panel

1.Heat insulation: the difference from ordinary board is 7 degrees in test, and the difference from the paint is 10 degrees.

2.Sound insulation: sound insulation up to 29 decibels has been proved by the national authority.

3.Fireproof: the fireproof rating is B1which meets the engineering fire protection requirements.

4.Waterproof and moisture-proof: spc wall panel has a strong waterproof and moisture-proof performance which solves the mildew formed by moisture.

5.Green and environmental-friendly: formaldehyde-free and odorless.

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