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· LVP – Luxury Vinyl Plank. This is a category of flooring similar to hardwood, laminate, carpet, etc.  Don’t get the name wrong though, most of the time there is nothing “luxury” about it.  These products are simply vinyl-based products that are not sheet vinyl (or linoleum for you baby boomers out there).  They typically are planks like 7″x48″ or 6″x48” and can be clicked together or glued down depending on the version you purchase.

· LVT – Luxury Vinyl Tile. Same exact thing as above, just a ceramic tile type of visual instead of a plank visual.

· WPC – Wood Plastic Core (OR sometimes called Waterproof Core). This is a baby brother to the LVP/LVT category.  This type of product still has vinyl on top of it, but at its center is a wood/plastic-based core.  So, think of how laminate looks but with layer of vinyl on top.

· SPC – Stone Plastic Core. This is the 2nd generation of WPC,  Built very similar to WPC, it still has the vinyl layer on top of the core, but instead of a wood/plastic core in the center it has a stone/plastic core in the center.  Why did they do this?  It is meant to be much firmer than WPC, making it more dent resistant.

spc Flooring

· RVP–Rigid vinyl plank. European and American countries call spc flooring RVP flooring

· PVC–Poly vinyl chloride. PVC flooring or polyvinyl flooring is none other than alternative terms for vinyl flooring! PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is the material that makes up vinyl flooring. Thus, it is often shortened to polyvinyl flooring or simply, vinyl flooring, the most common term for this particular floor covering. It include LVT / LVP / WPC / SPC / Vinyl floor / Vinyl plank.

· LVF–luxury vinyl flooring by two forms—sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles.


Sheet Vinyl Vinyl Tile
DIY Suitability Usually installed by pros Much easier for DIYers
Water Penetration Virtually impenetrable by water Water can seep through cracks between tiles
Installation Method Usually glue-down application Glue-down or peel-and-stick application
Repairs Difficult to make repairs Individual tiles can be replaced



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