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Product name spc wall panel
Material Resin and calcium carbonate
Width   600mm/500mm/400mm/300mm/200mm
Thickness 7mm/8mm/9mm/11mm
Length 3m(Large quantity can be customized)
Formaldehyde content E0(0.1%)
Certification CE, SGS,ISO9001
Color Full Color optional

Features of Environmental-friendly spc wall panel

1.Insect and termite prevention to effectively eliminate insect harassment and prolong the service life.

2.High fire resistance. It can effectively be fire-retardant and has a fire rating of B1. It is especially suitable for some places where fire hazards are relatively large.

3.Strong plasticity.spc wall panel can be very simple to achieve personalized style, fully reflect the individual style.

4.Environmental-friendly, no pollution, and can be recycled.Spc wall panel does’t contain benzene, the formaldehyde content is 0.2 lower than the E0 standard which is the European environmental protection standard.

5. Recyclable greatly reduces the amount of wood used, and is more energy efficient.


Packages of Environmental-friendly spc wall panel

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Installation of Environmental-friendly spc wall panel


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