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Product Moisture-proof spc wall panel
Brand  UTOP
Material PVC/ calcium carbonate /Stabilizer /other chemical additives
Thickness 7mm/8mm/9mm/11mm or customized
Width 200mm/300mm/400mm/500mm/600mm
Length Regular 3m or as your requirement
Technology Hot Stamping And UV-Coating
Installation Glue On Wall
Structure SPC Base Material+Designs Layer+UV Coated +PE Protect Film
Designs Pure/ Marble/ Wood/ Metal/ 3D Etc.
Feature High Gloss/ Flexible/ Waterproof/ Fireproof

The spc wall panel is generally made of porous hollow structure, which can make the integrated wall have good toughness, impact resistance, pressure resistance wall, cushioning shockproof and good bending performance. After testing the bamboo fiber integrated wall can withstand the truck pressure, also No breaks will occur. In addition, the spc wall panel the hollow structure of the wall surface, which makes the heat transfer and sound transmission effect significantly lower than the solid, and has the functions of sound insulation, heat preservation and moisture proof, and has strong practicability.Plus, it is also a means of anti-expansion, which effectively reduces the load carrying capacity of the overall structure of the house and is more secure.

Features of Moisture-proof spc wall panel


Fire prevention

The fireproof rating reaches the B1 level by the authoritative department, which basically meets the fire protection requirements of the project.


Ecological health

After installation, the room has no odor and the environmental protection grade can reach E0 level, which is almost equal to the release of “zero” formaldehyde to ensure the health of the family living environment.

Waterproof and moisture proof

good moisture resistance, wet area can also completely resist, water vapor moisture is difficult to enter the room, to ensure that the room is dry and comfortable, no water seepage and water leakage, let you completely get rid of the trouble caused by the wall mold.

Beautify the space

the integrated wall panel that gives the essence of classical culture and art, elegant style, temperament and grace, not only can enhance the taste of residence, but also give the beauty to enjoy, in such a home, the mood will be much better.

Easy to clean

the surface is treated with advanced foreign technology, beautiful and easy to clean, can be directly scrubbed with cloth, no foaming, no aging, easy to get rid of life.

Anti-corrosion and durable

high strength, good toughness, light weight, shock resistance, no deformation, not easy to aging, anti-creep, not easy to corrode, long service life, one decoration, lifelong benefit.

Packages of Moisture-proof spc wall panel


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